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Facebook Advertising & Marketing for increasing the Brand Reach & Visibility and Increasing Customer base

What Facebook marketing does for you? It brings tons of traffic, increases sales, uplift your overall revenue, and improve your visibility on the vast internet. All in all, we can say, it helps your business grow, if done effectively. To make Facebook advertising effective, it takes strategic planning, professional designers, right content, and creative designs to reach and engage your ideal customers.

However, Facebooks ads are not a “one time” thing. It should be done repeatedly, over and over again, so that your revenues could keep up constantly and never go down. And that’s why you should partner with a Facebook advertising firm.

This is where we come in the picture. We are a team of digital marketing experts who knows all the in and out of Facebook advertising. Our Facebook marketing services provide you exceptional support to accelerate growth and help you boast your triumphant in no time.

As a Facebook marketing firm, we, at Digital India Leader focus on developing strategies based on the unique goals of our clients and help them attract their ideal customer. For that, we choose the ideal Facebook ad format for your company, create compelling designs and develop promising content that allures your customer in one look. Also, we focus on precise audience targeting, so that the ads reach the customers who genuinely are interested in your products or services. Moreover, we also monitor growth based on different ad elements and optimise them for maximum growth.

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How our Facebook Advertising Service Works?

Facebook Ad Designing Service

Facebook Ad Designing

With our Facebook designing service you get a variety of options to choose from to showcase your brand’s story and rightfully reach your potential customer. There is a variety of Facebook ads available, and you can decide whether you want to use slideshow, carousal, photos, video or image collections or all of them to deliver your message you want to convey to your customers.

We as a Facebook advertising company provide services to provide you correct guidance to aid you choose the most productive ad format to meet your campaign goals.

Facebook Ad Copy Writing

Though using a picture is worthwhile and conveys the right emotions, but your brand needs a compelling and engaging copy to help attract customers. We develop enticing copies which tells your brand’s story and which is optimised for maximum conversions.

We create ad copies based on the goals of your company. For example, if your brand is a product-based company, then we will focus on developing content which will increase your sales, whereas if your company’s goal is to build awareness about your brand then we would focus more on the brand value and customer issues. So, it depends on your company’s goals.

Facebook Ad Copy Writing Service
Ad & Landing Page A/B Testing Service

Ad & Landing Page A/B Testing

Through our A/ B testing we find out the best possible way to advertise your brand. A/ B testing helps to make the smartest advertising strategies and enhance performance with the help of data. We analyse results, and then make data-driven decisions about your Facebook advertisement.

Facebook Ad Audience Targeting

Targeting the right customer base is the key to increase performance. No matter how good your ad content or design is, it will be of no use if it does not reach the correct user base. Hitting the right customer base is essential. We work on this issue and help you reach customers who are actually interested in your product or services. We analyse details like demographics, interests and behaviours of your customers and help you target only the interested customers, which eventually helps you raise sales.

Facebook Ad Audience Targeting Service
Facebook ad Analytics & Optimization

Facebook Ad Analytics & Optimization

We measure the analytics of your previous Facebook ad campaigns and make decisions about how we can get higher ROI based on the data we collected. Then, we determine which campaign was most successful, and which ad campaigns we could use further to meet your desired goals. This is a continuous process and requires constant monitoring. We work on those analytics and make required changes in the landing page, and content and other variables to find the best solution for your company.

We are an experienced Facebook ad agency which will help you with every step of your Facebook advertising journey and ultimately reach your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions (Facebook FAQs)

Is Facebook a business marketing platform for real?

The greatest advantage of Facebook is the enormous amount of its users. Facebook helps you connect with more potential customer and increase conversion rate through its large number of users. Furthermore, according to statistics, almost 80% of social media users are on Facebook which accounts for a large amount of population. Moreover, 3 out of 4 smartphone users have active engagement on Facebook. On the other hand, 8 out of 10 businesses use this platform to run their ad campaigns and believe it as an effective method for sales conversion. Social media platforms like Facebook as a giant opportunity for businesses and is considered as one of the most effective way of marketing.

How will my Facebook marketing campaign appear like?

If you are new to social media marketing, you might not be aware of the field. We would work on your Facebook campaign and develop a brand page for your company. This will help your business to raise awareness about your brand and help you reach your target customers. Secondly, we will design your page in the best possible way which would help connect with your customer emotionally and which portrays your company in the best light. Not only this, but we also focus on increasing conversions by converting potential traffic into paying customers.

How doesDigital India Leaderapproach my Facebook marketing campaign?

After we create your fan page, we start focusing on connecting customers to your brand by reciting your story and creating awareness about your brand. We use different promotional ways to build an audience for your brand. We then decide the right frequency and amount ofposts to ensure maximum engagement and customer retention. Also, we will regularly provide an update on the insights and the user engagement and response. It will help determine which types of posts are most preferred by your potential customers and which kind are most effective for sales conversions.

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  • I hired them for PPC marketing. They provided me with good service. I am happy personalised attitude of dealing. Thanks to these people, my returns has increased and I can finally see a positive response on my website.

    Jason D. Sealey
  • One of the best organization to get your work done! I had a project which was being postponed due to technical issues but they provided me with solution and ideas to grow my network and helped me in marketing purposes too!.

    Khushi Srivastava
  • If it wasn't of their help my business would not have grown so much! They helped me from scratch and increased my outreach. I was starting up my business in mobile gadgets but less people knew about it. They provided me with good service in fair amount 😊.

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