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Instagram Growth Marketing for increasing the Brand Reach & Visibility and Increasing Sales.
Instagram Growth Services

Social media, nowadays, is familiar to almost all the people around the world. There is one of the major platforms of social media which is used by the majority of the population that is Instagram, as per the records, it has around a billion of active monthly users who are active. Scrolling and looking through the feed is the everyday practice for more than 50% of the active users. So, it is tangible that Instagram plays an important role in promotion and interaction. If your brand does not exist on Instagram then you’re surely missing out on a huge segment of your profit and popularity, because it is a major source to demonstrate and impress the crowd that is seeking something like your brand.

An Insta-worthy Social Platform

Almost all the mobile users are acquainted with the social media platforms. Among all, Instagram is the second most used and popular social media network. In fact, the popularity of Instagram is quickly procuring Facebook, its parent company. The main contribution towards the great experience of popularity for Instagram is only because of the engaging and frequently accessing mobile users. With the substantiating support of these dedicated social media users, you can make your brand reach the greater heights of visibility and acknowledgement of visual content provided on the platform of Instagram.

Evidently, visual content is more pleasing and lucrative to entice the customers towards the brand. As per the marketers, it is a staunch strategy to practice visual matter.

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Instagram Marketing Service

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing, in simple terms is, brands using the application software to make connections and engage the targeted audience or customers. It is helpful in making the services or products of the brand top the popularity stats. It contributes in establishing traits of the brand like reliability, loyalty and trustworthiness in serving the customers. Instagram marketing is considered important because visual content delivery is always more convincing and pleasing than any other mode of content delivery. It is the best strategy to acquire and attain the interested patrons.

The popularity of the platform and brand compliments each other in achieving the massive response from the audience. The concept of Instagram marketing is very profitable for the brands that are willing to dive in the sea of success and plentiful wealth because this helps in influencing the community seeking such brands and businesses.

How Instagram Marketing Works?

To make your brand successful there are many advantageous tools available on the platform of Instagram.The judicious use of Instagram strategy includes:



A profile of a brand on Instagram plays a vital role in establishing the brand as it encourages the earning of trust of the followers and onlookers. A brand profile comprises a profile image, descriptive bio, story highlights and link to the website of your brand.



The success of the brand also depends on the growth of the followers that is raised because of the ethical relationship with each other. The posts should be essentially followed, liked, shared and commented by other accounts as well as it can uplift the engagement on the profile of the brand.



Hashtags and keywords available on Instagram are helpful for the users to find new accounts to follow.

Regular posting schedule Service

Regular posting schedule

For the brand to be more famous and prosperous it’s important to be regular by posting relevant updates concerned with the brand.

Instagram Story Integration Service

Instagram Story Integration

Instagram stories are the major part of the profile as they appear at the top of a user’s feed. Stories are visible and available for only 24 hours, so sharing stories is best suited to share time-limited updates associated with the brand.

Instagram Ad Management Service

Instagram Ad Management

There is another tool of paid advertisements available on Instagram; it can be more helpful in reaching out to the customers who are interested in the services offered by the brand.

Instagram Importance to Marketers

Why is Instagram Important to Marketers?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, on an average 8/10 Instagram users follow a business account most of the people prefer the brands that interact with the onlookers regularly. The marketers say that popularity of a brand profile doesn’t depend on the size of the platform’s user base. There is a huge portion that researches for a service or product on Instagram before actually taking it. Around 2/3 of adults between 18-29 year of age use Instagram.

On the social media platform, brands have many opportunities to yield meaningful connections with the targeted audience. The quality of Instagram content of your brand constitutes to the growth of business a lot as the Instagram users can easily verify the brand by accessing its photos, posts and videos.

What Instagram Marketing Services do we offer?

After observing the mission and vision of your brand or business, strategists from our team can develop Instagram campaigns to engage and connect with the audience. In addition to this, tailored analytics can help you analyze your results so that you can substantially improve your strategy.

Instagram Marketing Services which we offer
Rolling Instagram Marketing and Promotions Services

Rolling Instagram Marketing and Promotions

A brand is considered successful on Instagram if it delivers regular and timely content to the targeted audience. It is a wise strategy to maintain consistency in efforts for posting videos, images, stories and other content associated with the services of the brand, so the user can be updated with the modifications and new products if introduced. This can even leverage the follower count of your brand.

Successful Instagram marketing relies on relevant and timely content, which is why successful brands develop sustainable strategies.

Rolling Instagram marketing includes management of activities that enhances user engagement and increases your following. To attain maximum followers and visitors, your strategist can help you by managing your Instagram account in terms of establishing your brand with videos and image posts, stories and other content delivering messages of the mission of your brand. The strategist associated with your brand can also be helpful in influencing the onlookers by promoting the services and products implementing different strategies. The strategist can modify and update your profile in a way that the interested audience can easily get the content of their preference. Therefore, resulting in an increase in the followers of your brand profile.

There is a requirement of expertise for the sourcing, qualifying and collaborating with the other influencers to figure out when both the parties can act as a good match for each other

It is very beneficial in strengthening the results of the brand profile if a strategist is able to drive a rolling Instagram campaign accompanied by other social media efforts. As the strategist of your brand project can help you align your campaign with up to four other social channels. Like we see, many brands advertise on Instagram and Facebook because these are the platforms that share the data of users.

Instagram Listening

As we know, more than a billion people use Instagram so it is very difficult to observe the viewers who showed interest in your brand so to know the reviews of the people about the brand there are facilities of hashtags and reading through conversation available, as it is intensive mainly for small marketing teams.

The social media strategist associated with your brand project can assist you in knowing and assessing what’s being said about your company and its services.

Instagram Listening
Instagram Audience Engagement Videos Services

Audience Engagement Videos

There is a huge amount of engagement that can be accomplished by the Video posts on the Instagram account and on an average, tend to get more than twice as many comments.

User engagement on Instagram is an important way to success. Short video content designed by a strategist can help your brain attain an advantage of ample user engagement on the profile. Instagram provides a preview of your brand content for less than a second to make an impression before actually posting it for Instagram users as it is a scrolling app. Video posts encourage the interested users to slow down a little and watch your content.

Instagram Ad Management

To set your brand ads in the suggestions of the feeds and stories of the user, a bidding algorithm is used by implementing the pay-per-click model. The slicing of the viewers for precision campaigns can be done by using the Facebook Ad Manager

An expert strategist from our fraternity will help you in building ads, rectify onlookers and develop a competitive bidding strategy for your brand. This service can certainly be combined with other platforms of PPC.

Instagram Ad Management Service
Business Promotion on Instagram Service

Promote Your Business on Instagram

To reach out to an ample amount of targeted audience and entice them with the offerings of your brand Instagram is an apt platform for that. Your business or brand can be easily promoted just by creating a profile on the platform and putting the brand message corresponding to it. An optimized profile with persuading posts and promotion in a right way, can help your business or brand grow successfully

Digital India Leader’s devoted social media strategists can help you in achieving your aim of creating engaging visual content for your brand or business.

Client Speak

Client Speak

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