Delhi Trophy

DIL Digital Marketing Case Study

When you type "trophy manufacturers in delhi" on Google you will see ranking in top 5 websites amongst JustDial & India Mart. Want to know how this happened? Read the case study and you will know.

Delhi Trophy established in the year 2012, are considered to be among the prominent manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, traders and retailers of Trophies & Mementos throughout the nation. Currently there are around 100+ trophy manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi. This consists of small vendors and large corporate like Delhi trophy

Apart from 100+ trophy manufacturers, various others third party websites with strong online hold such as Just Dial & India Mart were also competing for the top spot.

This is what makes the segment very tough to crack and with people continuously opting to go online for enquiries and purchase it was right time for Delhi Trophy to go Digital.

  • To beat various other brands in online segment.
  • To beat various other third party website like Just Dial & India Mart.
  • To improve and increase number of sales and enquiry through online channel.

2019-20 was an extremely successful year for our partnership with Delhi Trophy. Our advertising mix for the Delhi Trophy includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online reputation management

Search Engine Optimization : With an approach to rank on business oriented keywords that will bring serious people to the website and increase number of enquiries, we started with 20 keywords with aim to get ranked top from Delhi.

Stats from last six months:

1. The average number of page views on the website was around 3500/month and an estimated number of user crossed 600+/Month . What's exceptional is the Session duration of 02:59 minutes (We got them hooked)

2. Around 60% of the user came from Delhi-NCRF region (Exceptional local SEO results)

3. Here is the ranking of official website "Delhi Trophy" on various keywords. (These are for Delhi location)<br>

4. We started getting exceptional enquiries over the mail through our contact us page. Here are the screenshots

5. This is our Website score on various Parameters related to SEO, rated by one of the reputed SEO analysis tool.

Online reputation management:

When you type "trophy manufacturers in delhi" on Google maps you will see Delhi Trophy ranking in top 3. This is what we achieved with the help of Online reputation Management which includes growing the Google business listing that comes under Search engine marketing

One thing that is very common with product related industry is people often push negative reviews rather than positive ones. So we took the mantle to get the positive ones and improve our overall rating.

We are at 4.6/5 (above average as per industry standards) with 60+ reviews. 
We started google posting which enables us to reach new customers when they searched for keywords related to Trophy Manufacturing, Trophy Store etc. 
This all enabled us to rank organically on various keywords helping us to get calls directly from Google business listing.

Stats from last three months:

1. We got 19.000 views on our listing in just one quarter. This shows the amount of visibility we have been able to create

? 97.1% Customers found our listing searching for a category, product, or service

2. The most popular queries by unique users on which our google listing got ranked on top

3. How many times customers call our business? 100+ calls


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