Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma

DIL Digital Marketing Case Study

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma is a renowned oncologist working at Fortis Hospital Noida. Well, we have added the word "renowned" as he is one of the few doctors of india with an exceptional online presence and a visible materialization of the same.

Cancer is a very broad topic and have range of treatments for the same but do you know there is painless treatment for it? Yes, there is and it is known as radiation therapy. Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma is the wizard of the same.

Choosing cancer treatment and the doctor is a very important and conscious decision of anyone's life. Families are involved in the same and lives are depended on it. It is well known that cancer doctors are not in the same league of general doctors who are involved in regular OPDs and other activities. In India, patients and their families prefer only two methods of choosing an oncologist for the treatment. The first is through reference and the second is online research and this is why we advised Dr Manoj to start his journey of Digital Presence.

We at ISOLS have developed a 360 degree marketing solution for Doctors i.e Digital DOC. You can watch this video to understand more.


So how to do you connect a cancer patient to a cancer doctor? Well no marketing tool or platform gives you a direct access to this kind of medical history, you can only work on the methods and strategies to pinpoint the audience.

Moreover, there were various dignified cancer research centers and cancer treatment hospitals having a strong reference base and this was something tough to crack.

2019-20 was an extremely successful year for our partnership with Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma. Our advertising mix for the Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma includes:

  • Social media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin)
  • Video Marketing
  • Online Reputation
  • Search Engine Optimization
Social media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin)

Facebook acts as a perfect catalyst between the doctor and the patient if the targeting is well directed. We had one simple motive to aware and to treat. Number of cancer death in India was a whooping 784 821 people (as per WHO) and lack of awareness, selection of right kind of treatment plays a pivotal role in the same.

The age group 18-64 comprises of 91% of total Facebook users in India as per report by nepoleancat.com in 2019. Thus we decided to target the same audience group as it included cancer patients as well as people who lack awareness about cancer.

Stats Review

1. We established a cult followership of 6000+ people on Facebook having interest in cacer related stuff and are looking for treatment options.

2. With our precise marketing and targeting method we reached 58600+ people in India. This helped us in improving the visibility exponentially

3. If you will look at the stats, it suggests that out of all the people we reached 80% men (possessing the decision making in India) and 20% women and the 98.9% people are from the age group of 18-64 (We Hit The Bull's EYE).

4. As our targeting was exceptional, the appointments and queries came pouring in. Here are some screenshots.

-As we were focused on creating Awareness and the kind of treatment we are offering, the same was represented by the creatives that were shared on Facebook

Video Marketing

In the midst of the year 2019, video marketing changed the whole setup of digital marketing. Videos were everywhere, everyone was making videos and connecting with the audience. We however were a step ahead as we stared the same in starting of 2019 itself. 
Video shoot was done at our studio on the topics that is often asked by cancer patients or their families. This helped us in increasing the face value and most importantly we started getting enquiries out of it. You know when people see someone speaking so beautifully about a topic and that too cancer, they tend to ask questions

Online reputation management: It is a proven fact that the right optimization of Google business listing can bring in exceptional results. it helps in generating enquiries, increases online presence and gives accessibility to customers. We started Google posting which enables us to reach new customers when they searched for keywords related to oncology, oncologist or cancer treatment. This all enabled us to rank organically on various keywords helping us to get calls directly from Google business listing.

Stats from last three months:

1. Astonishingly we got 17,200+ views on our listing in just one quarter.

  • 90.6 % people found our listing searching for a category, product, or service. (Dr Manoj's Listing was discovered so many times on related searches)
  • 4.9 % Customers found our listing searching for a brand related to our business
  • 2. The most popular queries by unique users on which our google listing got ranked on top

  • 3. How many times customers call our business? 61 calls

  • Search Engine Optimization : With an approach to improve overall visibility and reach to the local audience as well as the whole, we selected the top hotshot keywords that were related specifically to cancer treatment. We were targeting the second lot of people, who tend to visit a doctor after their own research.

    Stats from last three months:

    1. The average number of views on the website was around 200/month (that's a lot for cancer related queries) with a session duration of 2:21 minutes

    2. In total we got 3600 impressions on various keywords and that kept us moving. The ranking of official website "Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma" on various keywords.

    We have been able to index on all the 11 keywords. On 9 keywords our website is ranked on the first three pages and we are soon closing for the first page. Here is what Dr Manoj has to say about us:




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