I Am A Teacher

DIL Digital Marketing Case Study

IAm A Teacher (IAAT) is a not-for-profit organization founded in the year 2014 with a purpose to build a relevant and rigorous practice-based model for teacher education in the country. Currently B.Ed is the preferred graduate professional degree to become a teacher in India. Its availability and recognition by government entity makes it the most preferred choice

Indirectly IAAT's PGDLT course was competing against a government approved course B.ed and a fee around 2 lack for 10 months course made it tough against the average cost of B.ed which is around INR 6,000 - 50,000.

IAAT tried its hand in digital in the year 2018 with the help of another digital marketing agency but the results didn't came out to be favorable. You know what happens when you fail at something or you have a bitter experience with something, you either leave that thing or you just become very conservative about that thing.

Well, IAAT's conservative approach was about to change.


We knew the course material of PGDLT was top notch and of highest quality and had the potential to change the scenario of education system in India but the challenge was to pitch it to targeted audience and make them belief in buying a course which is almost thrice or sometimes even 5 times costlier than the traditional B.ed course.

Moreover, IAAT wanted women centric marketing and this was a whole new challenge all together. Also, we were given two location to work with; Mumbai & Gurgaon+ 15kms radius.

2019-20 was an extremely successful year for our partnership with IAAT. Our advertising mix for the IAAT includes:

  • Social media advertising (Inorganic & Organic) (Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin)
  • Search Engine Optimization
Social media advertising (Organic) (Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin)

Well, Facebook & Instagram have always been undervalued for advertising related to serious products or services as people carry a notion that only youngsters or people who are not much into serious business are on the platform.

This has never been the case, this stats study by omnicore revealed the same

  • 88% of online users of age 18-29 are on Facebook, 84% of those 30-49.
  • 82% of college graduates are on Facebook.
  •  75% of online users of income more than $75K are on Facebook.
  • Almost 90% of Facebook’s Daily Active Users Come from Outside the US/Canada.
  • The largest population on Facebook is from India with over 270 million users.

This study shows that the people on Facebook have the potential to spend in excess and fall under the serious age group category i.e 25-40. This was the reason that we chose Facebook as the preferred channel for IAAT's marketing and we grew exponentially!

Stats Are from 20th Nov 2019 till 29th March 2020


1. We established a cult followership of 17400+ people on Facebook

2. With our precise marketing and targeting method we reached 137755 in India. 90% of them are from the Mumbai & Gurgaon+ 15kms radius. This helped us in improving the visibility exponentially.

3. If you will look at the stats, it suggests that out of all the people we reached 99% are women (BINGO) and the 82% people are from the age group of 25-44 (DOUBLE BINGO).

4. We added value to our posts on Social media and followed the path of direct yet subtle marketing strategy!


We started with a unconventional strategy for an institute, we first made a profile on LinkedIn rather than a page, it is easier to acquire connection and followers with a profile and doesn't needs heavy advertisement. Moreover, the same connection can be invited to follow the page once we start the brand page. We acquired 2200 followers and that gave us a serious mileage on Linkedin.

Social media advertising (In organic) (Facebook & Instagram)

We produced 882 leads from 20th Nov - 20th March at Just INR 99/lead and we have been able to fill 90% of seats and with one month in hand it is obvious that 100% seats would be filled.

Our ads have 569,640 impression and reached 179,000+ people

    Few things that we ticked:
  • All women leads
  • Leads having interest and spending capacity
  •  Leads eligible for taking admission
  • Leads from the desired location

This was the area where the last agency struggled mostly and we with our belief and right approach cracked the deal for IAAT. Business for client is what really decides the result of marketing and we have always been very precise and pinpointed about the same.

Search Engine Optimization : With an approach to improve overall visibility and cut the inorganic marketing cost in upcoming future we selected the top hotshot keywords that were brand specific and business centric.

Stats from last three months

1. The average number of views on the website was around 4000/month (we got them hooked) with a session duration of around 2 minutes

2. In total we got 980 impression on various keywords and that kept us moving. The ranking of official website "IAAT" on various keywords.

On 5 of the keywords we are on the first page and on three of them we are on 1st rank amidst all this competition and we certainly are to improve and cut our inorganic ads cost in just 2-3 months time.

"The secret is simple: When you are truly immersed in the vision and belief of a brand, then only you can do pinpointed & result-oriented marketing."

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