Master Band

DIL Digital Marketing Case Study

What's the most common practice in Indian marriages? Is it Food, Guests or anything else? Well, it is the wedding band. Wedding bands are the symbol of the joy that surrounds the great Indian weddings. But do you know how many wedding bands are there in Delhi NCR? Well there are 100s of them and this is why we introduced our 360 degree Digital Marketing solution "Digital Band"

Master Band established in the year 1955, are considered to be among the prestigious wedding bands throughout Delhi NCR. The thing about this unorganized industry is that the legacy often goes unnoticed and most customers only come by reference.

If you will search for "Wedding Band In Delhi NCR" on Google you will see JustDial, Weddingz, lBB & India Mart fighting for a spot on the top. This actually shows the intensity of the competition. Interestingly, "Master Band" also hold a prominent position on the first page of Google for the same keyword.

Want to know how this happened? Read the case study and you will know


  • To beat various other wedding bands in this segment.
  • To beat various other third party website like Just Dial, Weddingz & India Mart.
  • To increase the number of leads and sales through online channel apart from references.

2019-20 was an extremely successful year for our partnership with Master Band Our advertising mix for the Delhi Trophy includes:

  • Google Calling Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online reputation management

Google Calling Ads: In the wedding season, we planned to push the Google ads and it worked wonders for us:

8100+ impressions, 490+ clicks with an exceptional CTR of 6% (Data for 8 months)

Interestingly, 71.55% times our ads were ranked on the first position for the selected keywords beating various competitors.

Search Engine Optimization : With an approach to rank on business oriented keywords that will bring serious people to the website and increase number of enquiries, we started with 20 keywords with aim to get ranked top from Delhi.

Stats from last six months:

1. The average number of page views on the website was around 1000/month and an estimated number of user crossed 800+/Month. These numbers are exceptional for a segment that has competition from major 3rd party websites.

2. Around 75% of the user came from Delhi, UP & Haryana region (Exceptional local SEO results)

3. Here is the ranking of official website "Master Band" on various keywords.

4. We have able to generate good number of enquiries through SEO and almost all of them got converted.

5. This is our Website score on various Parameters related to SEO, rated by one of the reputed SEO analysis tool.

Online reputation management

When you type " wedding band in delhi ncr" on Google maps you will see Master Band ranking in top 3. This is what we achieved with the help of Online reputation Management which includes growing the Google business listing that comes under Search engine marketing.

Negative reviews is what you have to tackle when you are in a service related industry. We knew this and that is why we helped Master Band in encouraging their customers with good experience to push review on Google.

We are at 4.5/5 with 40+ reviews. This is above industry standards. Regular Google posting helped us to gain visibility and reach new customers whenever they searched for keywords related to Wedding band.

This helped us to get exceptional number of organic calls that directly build up the sales number.


Stats from last three months

1. We got 19.000 views on our listing in just one quarter. This shows the amount of visibility we have been able to create.

? 8.2% Customers found our listing searching for a category, product, or service

2. The most popular queries by unique users on which our google listing got ranked on top


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