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In India, buying a home brings a different kind of rejoice to the people. We Indians love to buy land, plan a house, design and map it and then get it constructed. However, with urbanization empty spaces have been rapidly replaced by apartments, builder floors and commercial construction. The choice of building a house in urban cities has vanished and now you have opt for what’s on offer. However with rise of real estate giants, you do not need to compromise on a house. There is so much on offer.

One such real estate giant is Microtek Infrastructures. It’s a joint venture of The Action Group & The Okaya Power Group.

Microtek is a household name when it comes to power backup solutions and has a long clientele. However, real estate has different set of challenges and is a whole different ball game.


So how to do you actually sell a product with such costing to people of Gurgaon during lockdown while the economy dipped? Well, COVID had drastic impact on the pockets of people but still there were a lot of people willing to invest and we needed to target them through Digital Marketing. We had to compete with other brand such as M3M, DLF, Godrej, EMAAR, Adani ETC and 3rd party platforms having a strong reference base. 2021 was an extremely successful year for our partnership with Microtek Infrastructures. Our focus was on to bring sales and thus we started with

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